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  • What grips will the LoPro Magwell fit on?
    It will fit gen 1 grips and all gen 2 grips.
  • What base pads will the LoPro Magwell Accept?
    The LoPro Magwell will accept all dawsons base pads. it will accept every 10-8 performance base pad except the 140mm to c2/ods. We obviously can't test every possible combination. if you find something that doesn't work please let us know.
  • Can i use reuse the pin i already have with the LoPro Magwell?
    Yes. if your gun already has a magwell then you can reuse that pin. if your gun doesn't have a magwell you will need the extended Dawson/Staccato MSH pin.
  • Does the LoPro Magwell come with a pin?
    Unfortunately we are not offering pins at the moment.
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